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Student Terms of Use
(Status: 01/07/2023)

To ensure readability, we have opted to use either the masculine or feminine form of personal nouns. This decision does not imply any discrimination against the opposite sex. Our content is inclusive, and both women and men, as well as individuals of various gender identities, are equally addressed by the information on our website.

§ 1. Introduction

1.1 Uni-Hire Ltd, headquartered in Edinburgh (hereinafter referred to as "we"), operates the website (hereinafter referred to as the "platform"), which connects students, working students, trainees, interns, young professionals, and other job seekers (hereinafter referred to as "candidates" or "users") with companies and organizations (hereinafter referred to as "employers"). Employers utilize Uni-Hire for their recruitment needs and gain access to suitable candidates. Candidates, in turn, can easily find relevant job offers, connect with employers, and receive support throughout the application process. However, we cannot guarantee job placement, interview opportunities, or the availability of suitable job offers.

1.2 These terms of use apply to users who utilize the free services offered by Uni-Hire Ltd's platform.

§ 2 Scope

2.1 The following terms of use govern the usage of our platform for candidates. These terms exclusively apply to the version of the platform in effect at the time of contract agreement.

2.2 Acceptance of these Terms of Use is a prerequisite for using the platform.

2.3 We provide users access to these Terms of Use on the platform for reading, downloading, and local storage.

§ 3 Platform Functionality

3.1 Users seeking internships, student traineeships, entry-level positions, or any other job, employment, or training opportunities can register on our platform free of charge. The registered account includes a user profile, which may contain one or more job search profiles and record the user's preferences regarding time and location.

3.2 If, according to Uni-Hire's assessment, a user's specified search and qualifications sufficiently match active job offers or employer searches, these offers may be suggested to the user. Users have the freedom to choose whether they want to receive such job suggestions or not through their account settings.

3.3 Interested users may apply for job offers that catch their attention.

3.4 Additionally, users have the option to initiate contact with an employer on their own initiative, independent of a specific job offer.

3.5 Uni-Hire facilitates employers' access to suitable applications and user profiles.

3.6 Employers, upon receiving access to an application, can view the user's profile and utilize it during their application process.

3.7 To expedite the connection between candidates and employers, employers may also have the option to view relevant data of suitable candidates and contact them with job offers even if they haven't applied for a specific position. Users can withdraw this access option at any time.

3.8 Uni-Hire also allows employers to use its technology to make their advertised job offers and career pages accessible to candidates, thereby streamlining the application process for both parties. When users apply for jobs from employers or engage with the employer's website (e.g., following employers or receiving notifications of new job offers), they become users of our platform.

3.9 The free use of the platform does not guarantee constant accessibility. We are not liable for technical limitations in service availability unless we are responsible for the fault. We make every effort to ensure comprehensive platform availability. However, disruptions, such as necessary maintenance work or technical issues, may occur and must be accepted to a reasonable extent.

3.10 We reserve the right to immediately block Uni-Hire accounts in cases of misuse or improper use. Misuse includes user violations of these Terms of Use. Additionally, we may deactivate accounts for inactivity. We typically inform users of impending deactivation and its timing through email.

3.11 Users do not have the right to expect their posted content (text, images, etc.) to be visible for a specific period or permanently.

3.12 The platform is not designed for archiving user files and content. Therefore, we assume no liability or guarantee for the retrievability, security, and storage of uploaded and posted content.

3.13 We retain the right to remove or block certain content at any time, without prior notice, especially if requested by third parties or if the content is found to be illegal.

3.14 Various usage options may be adjusted at any time without prior notice, including expansions or discontinuations.

3.15 Users have no inherent right to certain functionalities and potential uses that may currently exist, continue, or be introduced in the future.

3.16 Uni-Hire maintains an extensive network of partners who offer training opportunities to job seekers. If appropriate, Uni-Hire may inform users of relevant further development opportunities that could enhance their chances of successful job searches.

§ 4 Registration and Platform Usage

4.1 Users must register to access all platform services. Registration involves creating a user profile (also called an "account"). It is possible to access the platform without registering.

4.2 Registration and platform usage are free of charge for candidates. However, there is no guarantee of receiving job offers or having application documents forwarded to employers.

4.3 Registration requires providing an email address and, if applicable, a password. Alternatively, users may register through existing profiles or accounts on other platforms (e.g., Google, Facebook, Apple, or LinkedIn) and grant consent for the use of personal and other data stored on those platforms to create a profile and user account.

4.4 Creating a user profile requires the provision of accurate personal data. The use of pseudonyms or aliases is not permitted.

4.5 Users affirm that all provided data is truthful, up-to-date, and complete. When uploading a profile picture, users confirm that the image represents them, and they possess the necessary rights to use the picture, which can be transferred to Uni-Hire.

4.6 Registration is only possible after confirming acceptance of these Terms of Use.

§ 5 Data Privacy

5.1 The collection, processing, and usage of user personal data are governed by our Privacy Policy, available at:

5.2 Users voluntarily provide their personal data to Uni-Hire for the purpose of fulfilling the contract.

5.3 Users acknowledge that Uni-Hire may share their personal data with interested or potential employers or grant access to this data.

5.4 Uni-Hire may contact users via email and other communication channels (e.g., phone, messenger services, SMS) during the contractual relationship to provide the agreed-upon services.

5.5 Uni-Hire collaborates with an extensive network of partners who may already have contact or access to users. These partners may refer users to Uni-Hire, with the user's consent, to aid in finding suitable job opportunities. In some partnerships, application data may be shared back with the partner to update them on application status.

5.6 Uni-Hire pseudonymizes user profiles to present them to employers who do not yet have a contractual relationship with Uni-Hire or are in pre-contractual negotiations, with relevant job offers that match the user's search parameters. This aims to find a suitable job beyond the offers available on the platform.

5.7 Uni-Hire allows employers to temporarily mark interesting user profiles. This facilitates future reference or potential job offers.

§ 6 User Obligations

6.1 Users must treat account access data confidentially and must not share it with third parties. Users are responsible for preventing unauthorized access to their account.

6.2 Multiple registrations are prohibited.

6.3 User accounts are non-transferable and may only be used by the registered individual.

6.4 Users are solely responsible for all content they post.

6.5 Users commit to respecting the rights of third parties concerning the content they post, including personal rights and intellectual property rights.

6.6 When posting images, texts, or other content, users must have the necessary rights (e.g., being the author or creator) or obtain consent from the respective rights holders.

6.7 Content suspected of infringing on third-party rights may be corrected, blocked, or deleted by Uni-Hire without prior consultation.

6.8 Users must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to other users' data or unlawfully obtain, track, disclose, modify, or misuse third-party data.

6.9 Users are responsible for ensuring that posted or transmitted content is free from malware, viruses, Trojan horses, or any other harmful programs or code that may jeopardize the platform's functionality or existence.

6.10 Users must verify compliance with these regulations before posting or transmitting content.

6.11 If a user directly or indirectly learns about an employer through our platform, finds information about an employer's job vacancy, and subsequently enters into an employment or contractual relationship (e.g., with freelancers), the user must inform Uni-Hire within 14 days, providing the employer's details.

6.12 If there is reasonable suspicion that a contract was concluded as described in 6.11 without informing Uni-Hire, the user must, at our request, provide information about the contract, the position held in the company, and the agreed gross annual salary, if applicable, to the extent that we have a legitimate interest in this information. Our legitimate interest may be based on the commission settlement with the employer, depending on this information. Usually, providing a copy of the employment contract (with sensitive information redacted except for relevant details) satisfies the obligation to provide information.

§ 7 Termination / Deletion

7.1 Users may delete their account at any time. However, Uni-Hire may be entitled or obliged to continue processing certain data for specific purposes, even after a deletion request, for reasons such as proof, tax, or commercial requirements.

7.2 In case of violations of these Terms of Use, we reserve the right to delete or block user accounts. This applies, for example, if users violate the law through their accounts, upload illegal content, or otherwise breach these Terms of Use.

7.3 Uni-Hire also reserves the right to deactivate, delete, or block a user's account if we are unable to contact the user through email or any other communication method.

7.4 In case of doubts, the user bears the burden of proof. Users must demonstrate and provide evidence that they have adhered to applicable laws and these Terms of Use or that there are no grounds for termination or deactivation.

§ 8 Indemnification

8.1 Users shall indemnify Uni-Hire against any claims, particularly claims for damages brought by third parties, arising from the use of the platform or the transfer of third-party data by the user to Uni-Hire or third parties.

§ 9 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

9.1 These Terms of Use are subject to the jurisdiction of Scotland.

9.2 The place of jurisdiction is Scotland for users who are merchants, legal entities under public law, or special funds under public law. In such cases, Uni-Hire is also entitled to initiate legal proceedings at the user's registered office.

§ 10 Amendments to Terms of Use

10.1 We reserve the right to modify these terms of use during the contractual relationship with users. We will expressly inform users of changes in an appropriate manner and highlight the amended sections. Typically, we communicate such changes through publication on the platform, but we retain the right to decide how users are informed.

10.2 If users do not indicate their non-acceptance of the new version within six (6) weeks of being informed about the changes, their silence will be deemed an implicit acceptance, and the new version will take effect from that point forward. Uni-Hire is committed to explaining the significance of this behavior when communicating the changes.

10.3 In case of timely user objection, we may terminate the user's access to the platform when the revised terms of use come into effect.

§ 11 Platform Rights

11.1 Uni-Hire exclusively holds all rights to trademarks, business designations, naming rights, copyrights, related rights, and other rights to the platform, including its individual graphic and textual elements, functionalities, and services. These rights may not be used or distributed without Uni-Hire's prior written consent, copied, reproduced, made publicly available, performed, broadcast, or otherwise exploited.

11.2 Users do not receive any exploitation or other rights to the platform.

§ 12 Severability Clause, Place of Performance

12.1 If any provision of these Terms of Use is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.

12.2 The respective statutory provision shall replace any ineffective provision.

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