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5 Benefits of Utilising University Students for Working International Hours

International Students for Working International Hours

University students are often seen as the epitome of energy, passion, and willingness to make a difference. Many University Students work in the Mornings or Evenings. This article explores the benefits of leveraging university students to provide services internationally outside regular working hours and provides practical guidance on how to harness their potential effectively.


The Benefits of Utilising University Students for International Hours

  • Availability and Flexibility: University students, by nature, often have more flexible schedules than full-time professionals. They are more likely to be available for international service during evenings, weekends, and breaks, allowing for a broader range of service hours.

  • Fresh Perspectives and Creativity: University students bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a dynamic approach to problem-solving. They can inject new energy into international service projects, thinking outside the box to find creative solutions.

  • Multilingual Skills: Many university students are bilingual or multilingual, which can be a valuable asset for international service projects. Their language skills can facilitate communication with diverse communities and open doors to new opportunities.

  • Cross-Cultural Sensitivity: University students often have a strong sense of curiosity and openness to different cultures. Their adaptability and ability to embrace diversity can make them excellent for working international hours

  • Networking and Recruitment: Engaging university students can serve as an excellent recruitment strategy. As they return to campus and share their international work experiences, they can attract more students to participate, expanding your potential talent pool.

1 in 4 International Students in the UK

How to Mobilize University Students for International Hours

  1. Set Clear Objectives, Goals and Expectations: University Students are eager to learn and grown and work hard but they need clear direction.

  2. Use Customer Analysis to Create Ideal Candidate Profiles: With so many International Students it's not difficult to find a someone from your customers local market to provide them with support and additional services.

  3. Utilise a Talent Access System like Uni-Hire: This will provide you with quick and easy access to large numbers of International Students which can be filtered by things like languages and availability to find the right candidates to work the international hours and locations you're looking for.

  4. Develop a Very Detailed and Precise Onboarding: University Students are generally very clever and quick to learn new things but they don't know what they don't know. Make sure to include things which might seem obvious to those with even a basic amount of experience.

  5. Leverage Technology: University Students on average are very technically savvy, take advantage of this. Use technology to develop and track their activity and performance for the international hours.

  6. Provide Mentors and Feedback: Make sure they have someone they can go to when they have questions, and make sure they receive regular feedback, despite having numerous skills they will lack experience and will need support establishing what works and what doesn't.


Internationationalisation can be expensive and difficult. Especially if it requires localisation or even a presence in country. Utilising International Univeristy Students for International Hours is a great way to mitigate this risk while significantly reducing costs. They are hungry and eager to learn, will often have local knowledge or will be able to speak the language and due to their studies are often happy to work early mornings or in the evenings which can align well with the usual working hours of your international customers.

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