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How to Get Started Hiring University Students to Fuel Your Business

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Hire a Part-Time HR University Student

Adaptability and fresh perspectives are vital for a company's growth and innovation. One excellent way to infuse new energy and ideas into your organization is by hiring university students. While hiring students directly may seem like a leap of faith, you can start small by recruiting a student for a part-time HR position to spearhead a program specifically designed for university students. This article will discuss the benefits of such a program and how you can kickstart the process.


The Benefits of Hiring University Students

  1. Fresh Perspectives and Ideas: University students bring a unique perspective that can breathe new life into your organisation. Their fresh outlook and academic knowledge can lead to innovative solutions and creative approaches to challenges.

  2. Eager to Learn: Most university students are eager to learn and grow, making them motivated and willing to take on new tasks and responsibilities. This enthusiasm can be contagious and boost the morale of your existing team.

  3. Cost-Effective Talent: Hiring university students, especially for part-time positions, can be a cost-effective way to bring in talent. You can offer competitive pay rates while reaping the benefits of their skills and potential.

  4. Diverse Skill Sets: University students come from various academic backgrounds, offering a diverse range of skills and knowledge. This diversity can be invaluable in addressing different aspects of your business.

  5. Succession Planning: Starting a program to hire university students can serve as an excellent strategy for succession planning. You can identify high-potential individuals early on and groom them for future leadership roles.


Initiating the Program

  1. Create a Part-time HR Position: To run the program, you should begin by hiring a university student for a part-time HR position. This individual will be responsible for designing and implementing the university recruitment program and managing the hiring process for student interns.

  2. Define Program Goals: Clearly define the goals and objectives of the program. What kind of talent are you looking for? What skills and qualities are you seeking in potential student interns? Having a well-defined vision will help in shaping the program's success.

  3. Utilise a Talent Access Platform like Uni-Hire: This allows you to easily access University Students to find the right talent for your business at short notice and with little cost.

  4. Structured Onboarding and Training: Ensure the student HR professional receives proper training and resources to manage the program effectively. They should have a strong understanding of your company's culture, values, and hiring criteria.

  5. Promote University Student Opportunities: Create an open position on Uni-Hire to promote the roles you're looking for and receive applications from students meeting your needs.

  6. Proactively reach out to University Students through Uni-Hire: Filter and search for students based on their university, subject, degree level, year, career interests, availability and desired working style.

  7. Ongoing Support and Feedback: Regularly check in with the student HR professional to provide guidance, support, and feedback. This will help refine the program over time.


Hiring university students is an excellent strategy for businesses looking to inject fresh perspectives, innovation, and energy into their workforce. Initiating the process by hiring a student for a part-time HR position to manage a university recruitment program is a strategic and manageable approach. With careful planning, collaboration with local universities, and a well-defined vision, this approach can become a successful and cost-effective means of attracting top-tier talent and fostering future leaders within your organization. Embrace the potential of young, eager minds, and your business will thrive in the ever-changing world of commerce.

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